“After searching for over a month and being disappointed by the high quotes and people not showing up we were very grateful to find Robinson Tree services. Prompt and affordable service! Do not hesitate to hire them!”

Anna Shtukmeister / Home Owner

“Chase and his crew have been amazing to work with. Always respectful, on time and professional. I’m glad to have met him and to continue to rely upon his company’s service.”

Garrett Umbarger / Owner of Pristine Property Maintenance

“Chase Robinson has completed work for the Roads department for several years. His work has been in relation to hazardous tree removal and disposal, tree trimming, and chipping. He has worked to a very high standard and has completed the work following all safety procedures and regulations”

William Arndt / Superintendent of Roads, Lake Country

“Robinson Tree Services has worked for the District of Lake Country doing contract tree removal for the Protective Services, Engineering, Roads, and Parks division for several years. Chase has proven to be a contractor that the District has recommended when asked by residents for a reliable contractor who has the knowledge and skill to complete jobs on time and on budget.

Steve Windsor / , Fire Chief of Lake Country